Meet the Team

David Scherff

David is Frank's Way's founder. He has dedicated his life to helping animals after the tragic loss of Frank, his English Bulldog who died saving lives in Katy Texas during Hurricane Harvey. The in-person and online community came together to help David look for Frank, and  David pays it forward for other pets and people facing natural disasters, helping one paw at a time.


Today you can find David chasing Poundcake, distributing food, feeding Poundcake,  retrofitting the bus, transporting dogs, wrestling Poundcake, and building relationships with communities.  A soft-spoken guy, make no mistake this is his life’s work. He takes the care of animals, especially dogs, seriously and he is building Frank’s Way Foundation to have a lasting impact on how animals are treated in disaster situations well into the future. David is based in San Antonio, Texas where he lives with deaf bulldog, Poundcake, and rescues Elf and Hoss.

Lisa Lawhead

A Pennsylvania native, Lisa spent the last year working with Frank's Way Foundation after joining in the search for Frank. You will find Lisa equally at home knee-deep in mud, comforting anyone in crisis, and networking to keep Frank’s Way moving forward. Her quiet dedication to helping animals and people during disasters was critical on the ground during Hurricanes Florence and Michael and in our follow-up community events. Lisa is based in Florida where she lives with two really cute bulldogs named Remington and Moses.

Donielle Scherff

Donielle Scherff manages social and traditional media, fund and friend raising, and community partnerships. She is also is the official big sister, wet blanket, rule enforcer of the group. Fortunately, she gets to pet lots of dogs as compensation for these services. Donielle has 17 years of grant and proposal, and media experience, and a lifetime of experience being in awe of David’s ability to build, make, and help. She lives in the Washington, DC area with her perfect-in-every-way sidekick, Charlie, a dachshund beagle mix who appeared in the Puppy Bowl XII.

Dominick Bezek

Owner of the "duce" Dominick Bezek drives over the road eighteen wheeler and resides in Niceville Florida with his Rottweilers Stealth and Roxy, and his Husky Zandar. Voluteering his off time with the Frank's Way Foundation Dominic has devoted countless hours clearing debris, assisting with the search and rescue of animals, and attending several events. 


Miss Poundcake is David's second in command. Who are we kidding she runs the show! Poundcake is no stranger to helping out in disasters or making them at home but she is also the ambassador for deaf dogs. She may not be able to hear but she definitely makes up for it with her nose!


Elf joined the pack during hurricane Florence where he was rescued. Although he's shy from being a stray he has mastered the art of patience dealing with poundcakes shenanigans. Elf is the old wise soul the team needed to stay calm during diasters. His picture is a rare glympse of elf being a goofball. Looks like poundcake is rubbing off on him!

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