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Frank’s Way Foundation focuses on disaster relief and recovery for animals affected by natural disasters, and the education and support of people who people who care about them.

Frank's Way Vs. Disaster

Frank's Way was one of the first on the ground for Hurricane Florence and the only animal rescue in Alabama for weeks in the wake of Hurricane Michael. We ar​rive first and establish a response before storms hit, so our impact is felt immediately in the wake of disaster. 

Together with Frank's Nation, our active community of more than 3,500 supporters & volunteers, we have pulled dogs from flood danger and tracked missing dogs displaced by the storm. We have cared for, transported and found new homes for countless animals and provided resources to hard-hit families so they can keep their pets. Frank's Way has a nationwide network and we build relationships local organizations to make a lasting impact in all of the communities we serve long after disaster passes. 

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This year, Frank's Way has...

  • Cleared trees barricading an animal shelter.

  • Rebuilt pens and provided a generator to keep a wildlife sanctuary in operation. 

  • Rescued dogs abandoned during evacuation.

  • Reunited lost dogs with their families. 

  • Brought critical supplies to a retirement community without power, and without a way to feed their pets or themselves.

  • Distributed thousands of pounds of pet food in the wake of disaster. 

  • Freed a calf pinned under fallen trees.

  • Built relationships in communities and provided resources to people and pets in need. 

  • Returned to towns affected by Hurricane Michael and distributed thousands of pounds of pet food and other pet supplies so families can stay together. 

How Frank's Way Began

The following is an excerpt of an article written by Sean Kirst for the Buffalo News. 


The original goal was driving into Houston itself. But the flooding was severe enough in Katy, a nearby city, that Scherff and his companions pulled off the highway to see what they could do. They discovered entire neighborhoods were underwater. "We helped so many people I lost count," Scherff said.He traveled back and forth in his 18-foot fishing boat with two other men...

You have to imagine the scene, Scherff said: Dark surface, dark sky, falling rain. He swung the boat toward the railroad tracks to tie it up, and the other rescuer – the man whose name Scherff doesn't know – fell into the water. Scherff could see water pushing through holes in the embankment as it worked at the gravel and the soil. Not far away, the flood was surging beneath an underpass, like water draining from a tub.

Scherff grabbed the man and helped him get into the boat. He helped the family climb onto safe footing by the railroad tracks. Soaked, he looked around. There was no sign in the darkness of Donovan or Frank. Scherff led the shaken family along the tracks, until they came to a place where the water was shallow enough for the parents and the two teens to keep walking."By that time," Scherff said, "I was in panic mode."Two patrol officers pulled up. He told them what happened. They all looked at the dark water, at the current surging beneath the bridge."If they went through that," one said quietly, "they're both gone."

To read the unabridged article, visit the link below.

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Clearing brush

Frank's Way working with the community to clear trees and brush to a barricaded animal shelter.